Charles A Lindbergh – Lindbergh Schools Namesake


Charles Lindbergh with the Spirit of St. Louis – 1927 From:

Charles Lindbergh with the Spirit of St. Louis – 1927

Charles A. Lindbergh, most famously known as the brave aviator who flew the Atlantic solo to much acclaim in 1927, is the namesake of the Lindbergh Schools. Although tinged with controversy and contradictions, Charles Lindbergh is still held high as a model of courage and strength, as well as being a visionary achiever, and aviation leader.

On February 4, 1902, Lindbergh was born into a rural farm family that encouraged him to follow his interests. His father being a lawyer and politician and his mother a teacher, Lindbergh had advantages not open to many rural children. The inquisitive child became an inventive young man, interested in the world around him and bending it to his needs. Lindbergh did not fit well into formal education, nor any special job category very well until he found flying, at which point he really “took off.”

The students of Lindbergh High School voted in 1951 to change the name of their new high school from Grandview to Lindbergh. Maybe the students looked up to Lindbergh for his courage and his technical accomplishments, or maybe they were swayed by his good looks and charm. There also was a St. Louis connection to Lindbergh. 


Charles Lindbergh. Photo from

Charles Lindbergh. Photo from

Lindbergh’s life and legacy are of particular interest to the Sappington-Concord Historical Society. SCHS’s formation in 1992 was prompted by Lindbergh School superintendent, Dr. Jim Sandfort. He wanted Lindbergh students to have a good resource for local history. In addition, the Sappington-Concord area forms the core of the area served by the Lindbergh Schools.

The web sites listed below have a variety of biographical sketches, photos and videos related to Lindb

ergh’s life and career.


The Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation

The Spirit of St. Louis Credit Jim Howard | St. Louis Public Radio

The Spirit of St. Louis
Credit Jim Howard | St. Louis Public Radio

The restoration of Lindbergh’s plane, “The Spirit of St Louis” as reported on St Louis Public Radio

Susan Smith, curator of civic and personal identity at the Missouri History Museum, talked yesterday about Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis to Don Marsh on St Louis Public Radio. Hear the podcast. To hear the podcast, simply press the “Listen” button part way down the page. The recorded broadcast plays immediately.




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