Grant’s View branch library opening Dec 22

“Twas the night before the opening and all through the…

The night before opening at the Grant’s View branch library.

Grant's View branch library from Gravois Road

Grant’s View branch library from Gravois Road


Come tomorrow for the new Grant’s View library opening at 9:00 am on December 22, a holiday opening worthy of the Sappington-Concord, South County area. 

Opening day the new Grant’s View library gets a phenomenal reception from the public!

Opening Day; they said they would build it and the people did come!

Kids and teens were a big part of the opening day crowd and as excited as could be!

Some of the facilities.

The grand staircase is the central focus of the library, an invitation to go upstairs for more facilities and an even grander view of the surrounding General Grant “neighborhood.”

The view from the massive landscape windows in Grant’s View library, perfect to see some of the sights and sites in the General Grant neighborhood. And why do we always call him “General Grant” when he was also a darn good president?!

The parking? It was a totally full lot in the first 30 minutes.

Grant’s View library replaces the Tesson Ferry branch. Grant’s View will continue to partner with SCHS in its daytime speaker series. The library and SCHS present the day time series two times a year for members and the public that prefer a daytime presentation. SCHS also holds presentations four times a year at Lindbergh High School in the evenings. The dates for the daytime presentations are usually in November and February when standard time gives us less daylight in the evening.

The next SCHS daytime presentation at Grant’s View library will be on February 26 and will include a tour of the new Grant’s View facilities at 1:00 pm. The presentation starts at 2:00 pm, “St. Louis Freedom Struggle 1821-1968”  by Gwen Moore, curator at the Missouri History Museum. See more at:

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