Grant’s View Library to Open December 22

See photos of the spectacular new Grant’s View library on opening day and the night before.

The new Grant’s View branch of the St Louis County library system has announced the date for its opening, Tuesday, December 22, at 9:00 am.

Get directions to Grant’s View Library.

Grant’s View replaces the Tesson Ferry branch which partnered with SCHS in its daytime speaker series presented two times a year for members preferring a daytime event instead of evening. Grant’s View branch will continue partnering with SCHS in its daytime presentations which feature topics of historical interest. The topics are ofter related to St Louis history and are often by professional historians. 

The next SCHS daytime presentation will be on February 26 and will include a tour of the new Grant’s View facilities at 1:00 pm. The presentation starts at 2:00 pm, “St. Louis Freedom Struggle 1821-1968”  by Gwen Moore, curator at the Missouri History Museum. See more at:

Learn more about the new library at:

Grant's View library to open December 22, 2015

Grant’s View library to open December 22, 2015