Johnny’s Market tear down photos

The Dig at Sappington House June 1-11, 2016

The Dig at Sappington House June 1-11, 2016. An archaeological dig for high school students.
All other kids, grand kids and adults are invited to come watch.

Startling sight through a Johnny’s Market picture window

Tearing down the east wall

Clearing away and sorting the debris

Wednesday, May 4, the Johnny’s Market facade came down…

…at 10:05 am in one large tumble, with a rumble and a cloud of dust.

Breaking apart the facade

Clearing away the rubble, only two pillars left standing

Wednesday afternoon at end of work day, nothing is left; no pillars, no rubble, only sorted recycling heaps. Johnny’s is gone…

Johnny’s Market as seen from Memorial Park

Johnny's Market seen from Memorial Park

Johnny’s Market seen from Memorial Park, Jan 15, two days after Lindbergh announced their purchase of the property.

Memorial Day ceremony, on the green at St Lucas

…up Denny Road from Johnny’s on the right just before the church. Monday, May 30, 10:00 am

SCHS Memorial Day Ceremony 2016

SCHS Annual Memorial Day ceremony 2016, Monday, May 30, 10:00 am on the green at St Lucas