Gift Membership

Holiday Gift Membership

The holiday gift membership is delivered in style to the chosen recpient, with the card below which shows the wreath at Sappington-Concord Memorial Park.

Holiday Gift Membership card

Front panel of the SCHS holiday gift card.

At the holidays, sometimes we do not think so much of our local organizations like the SCHS when we are busy with holiday preparations and events. But it is actually the perfect time to bring together holiday gifts and the SCHS.

Buy a gift membership that keeps on giving for the whole year and give it to someone in your life who might otherwise not be proactive in joining, but underneath it all, is really interested in the area, maybe the area where this person grew up or lives now.

This person does not have to be committed to going to events or doing anything at all, but this lucky person will get with the gift membership four issues of the action-packed, information-packed SCHS newsletter. This person will find out about and be invited to all of the wonderful. exciting events put on by SCHS and with SCHS partnering organizations. This person will also get SCHS member discounts to the bus tours and other specail offerings made throughout the year.

All of these benefits for only $10 for an individual, and $15 for a couple!

Purchasing this thoughtful SCHS gift membership is easy for you and fun for the recipient. You simply fill out the  membership form on the Joining page and mail it to the address listed there, the SCHS Membership Coordinator. You send an email to saying that you have just bought a gift membership, give the name and address of the lucky recipient and you are done. We send the gift card directly to the recipient. No wrapping or delivery is necessary for you. Your job is done, your gift is given, and your lucky person has a full year of SCHS membership.


Photo of the gift membership card your person will receive in the mail.

Holiday Gift Membership card

Front panel of the SCHS holiday gift card.

SCHS gift membership card, inside panel.

SCHS holiday gift membership card, inside panel.

SCHS gift membership card, back panel.

SCHS holiday gift membership card, back panel.

Making your payment

The method of payment is by US mail:

  • Send check by US postal mail to Membership Coordinator address on Joining page.


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