The Grand Hotels of St. Louis by Patricia Treacy

The Grand Hotels of St Louis by Patricia Treacy

Front cover of book, “The Grand Hotels of St Louis” by Patricia Treacy

Patricia Treacy will present on “The Grand Hotels of St Louis,” which is also the title of her book with Arcadia Publishing, at Sappington-Concord Historical Society on January 27, 2016, Wednesday, at 7:00 pm at Lindbergh High School in the Anne Morrow Lindbergh Room. See more about the evening on the  SCHS Events 2016 web page.

Pat Treacy speaking

Pat Treacy speaking at SCHS on Wednesday

Lindbergh High School - Anne Morrow Lindbergh Room

Lindbergh High School – Anne Morrow Room in building 400.

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Questions for Pat?

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If you have a question before the night of Pat’s presentation, submit it to the email address above. If she doesn’t cover the topic of your question during her presentation, we will give her your question during question time.





The following book blurb about “The Grand Hotels of St Louis,” is from the Arcadia Publishing web site. 

“The Roaring Twenties was a period of lavish living in St. Louis. In 1917, when Ellsworth Statler decided to build a hotel in St. Louis, he ignited a hotel-building boom that was only quenched by the Great Depression of 1929. Architectural masterpieces arose, and local citizens and out-of-towners marveled at their grandeur. These hotels were hubs of activity and gathering places for high society. They survived the Great Depression and two world wars, but urban demise forced elegant hotels to crumble in disrepair. This book tells the intriguing stories of the Statler, the Chase, the Mayfair, the Lennox and the Coronado Hotels. Today, these hotels are restored and renewed – as glamorous now as they were in their earliest days. They welcome visitors to admire their beauty and savor the history they hold.”

Copies of Pat’s book will be on sale the night of her presentation. Please get one for yourself and ask her to autogragh it, too!

The following author information about Pat Treacy is from the Arcadia Publishing web site.

“St. Louis native Patricia Treacy has been a writer for 30 years, publishing many feature stories on historic sites, including a booklet for the Mayfair Hotel when it celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2000. This book includes a foreword by Julius Hunter.”

Background information on the five fabulous hotels

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Below are a few photos from Pat Treacy’s book, “The Grand Hotels of St Louis.” Most were featured on the SCHS Facebook page:

Photos above are from Patricia Treacy’s book “The Grand Hotels of St Louis,” 2005, Arcadia Publishing.
Taxi sign, page 83
The Mayfair, page 71
KMOX studio, page 85
Existing buildings and Mayfair under construction, page 73
Ad for Mayfair, page 77
Unescorted ladies sign, page 83

Wrestling at the Chase

Did wrestling at the Chase have the strange effect of actually making the Chase even more elegant than it already was?
On Wikipedia
On Stltoday

On YouTube

Photo credits
Photos 1, 3, and 4 are from May 23, 2014 article on STLToday
Photo 2 is from Patricia Treacy’s book “The Grand Hotels of St Louis” page 65, 2005, Arcadia Publishing.

More about Pat Treacy, presenter and author

Pat is also a member of the swing music quartet, “The Queens of Swing,” featured in the South County Times newspaper January 15, 2016. See photo below.

Pat in swing quartet, "The Queens of Swing" Left to right, Mary Ann Schulte, Pat Treacy, Sydell Pollack and Mary Weber. photo by Diana Linsley. Photo from:

Pat in swing quartet, “The Queens of Swing” Left to right, Mary Ann Schulte, Pat Treacy, Sydell Pollack and Mary Weber. Photo by Diana Linsley.
Photo from:

Pat’s up coming book on baseball player, Erma Bergmann

Pat reports that she has written a new book on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player, Erma Bergmann. Pat says that if you saw the movie, “A League of Their Own,” you will like this up coming book. As of January, 2016, the date of publishing is still to be announced.