Food for Volunteer Staff

Show-Me Hero Salute has many work shifts and workers volunteering to help visitors to the AVTT Traveling Wall. The shifts and workers will be on site 24 hours a day. Having food to feed them will be very helpful to the workers and to the project.

Show-Me Hero Salute committee members have been asking local restaurants and other food-related businesses to help supply food for the workers. Below is a listing of companies that are donating food to the cause.

Walgreen’s – bottled water, plates and cutlery
McArther’s Bakery, Randy McArther
 — Coffee and donuts
Prairie Farm – drinks juice,milk, yogurt,etc..
Old Vienna Chips, Steve Hoffman – chips of various types.
Jimmy John, Baptist Church location, Brian Kluba – a platter of sandwiches for each of the four days to serve approximately 20 volunteer staff workers.

Feasting Fox Restaurant, Sue & Marty Luepker – mostaccoli.
Jersey Mikes, Watson and Elm location – sandwiches and cookies.
Papa Johns – 10 pizzas for two days of the AVTT Traveling Wall exhibit.
Jersey Mikes, Watson Rd, Webster Groves – platter of sandwiches each day and cookies.
P’Spagettis – pasta and sandwichs

Thank you so much for your contributions to honoring, respecting and remembering our Vietnam War dead and veterans!

Honoring. Respecting. Remembering.

Show-Me Hero Salute invites you to join in this special event,

June 12-16, 2013.

Escort starts at 3:00 pm, Wednesday, June 12.

Viewing starts at 1:00 pm, Thursday, June 13, ends at 3:00 pm, Sunday, June 16.

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