Sappington-Arban House

The Mark Sappington-Arban house was originally located near the southeast corner of Watson and Old Sappington Roads in Crestwood, Missouri. It was moved from its original site in 2006 to make way for a new shopping center. It is now a short distance away on Pardee Lane in which is still in Crestwood. The house is privately owned and viewable from the outside only and from the street. It was built in the 1840’s by Mark Sappington, son of John Sappington, who brought the Sappington family to the area in 1805. The house is of the American Carpenter Gothic style of architecture.

Recently, just before Christmas 2013, a wreath was placed on the door of the Sappington-Arban house by the Sappington DAR. The photos below, by Cheryl Rolfe, show the Sappington-Arban house in the snow with the wreath placed on the door. The third photo shows Tom Batsch, owner of the house, and Margaret Carr of the Sappington DAR.


The two photos below, by photographer John Frey, show the Mark Sappington-Arban house at night with the holiday wreath placed by the Sappington DAR. John used time elapse photography to capture these images at night. The process concentrates the light onto the house from the night sky, ambient city lights, and most of all from the holiday wreath, the purpose of the photos.





Below: The Sappington-Arban house from the rear, 2008. Photo by Stephen Hanpeter.
















Below: the moving of the Sappington-Arban house, October, 2006. Photo by John Frey.















See below a slideshow of the move of the Sappington-Arban house. Photos by John Frey.



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