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The slideshow running above is a larger version of the slideshow running on every page in the right hand side bar. This larger version of the slideshow should allow for closer viewing.

The photos are from the SCHS green book, Sappington-Concord: A History. The photos have no captions on the website. To find out more about the photos, you may check out the book from the St. Louis County library system and find the caption there. Each photo on the website has a serial number for easy reference. You can find it by mousing over the lower part of the slideshow window. The present slideshow is titled, Fun Shots.

The photos are taken from the previous website where they appeared randomly across all pages on the site. On this new website, the photos are grouped into sets of a certain theme. The themes are as follows:

Fun shots (playing now)
Groups (of people)
Houses I
Houses II
Pets and animals

If you would like to request another set of photos be run, send an email to Stephen Hanpeter at In your email, please make clear in the subject line that you are requesting a particular slideshow theme be played. The present theme will run until another theme is requested.

Veterans Day, 2013 at Sappington-Concord Memorial Park

Veterans Day, 2013 at Sappington-Concord Memorial Park.

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