Directions to Event Venues

SCHS does not have its own dedicated building for events. The Society meets in welcoming locations that want to foster community in the Sappington-Concord area. See the page, SCHS Community, to learn more about other organizations that support the Society. The SCHS very much appreciates these organizations for their generosity.

Below is a list of those organizations with maps showing their locations.

 • Oak Bend branch of St Louis County Libraries
Lindbergh High School
• St. Johns UCC
• Sappington-Concord Memorial Park
• St. Lucas UCC
The green at St Lucas church for the Annual SCHS Memorial Day ceremony
Friendship Village Sunset Hills
Sperreng Middle School
Grant’s View Library
Sappington House
The Ross A Wagner Historical Center and Grown and Gathered Heirloom Farm
Lindbergh Schools administrative offices



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