The Dig in Photos (2016-2018)

The archaeological dig at Sappington House - For students
The A
rchaeological Dig at Sappington House in Photos

The photos shown below are from the dig at Sappington House, years 2016 t0 2018. They aim to show the students themselves practicing the basics of archaeology as they learn from the professional archaeologists.

Also shown are photos of:

K-8 kids visiting the hands-on archaeological activities area

Finds and artifacts unearthed

Techniques and tools used by the students on the dig at Sappington House

The optional Fall student presentations


High school students learning the techniques and processes of archaeology


Kids visiting the archaeology activity area


Visitors to the dig

The professional archaeologists working with the students




Volunteers at the dig 


Fall student presentations

Tools of archaeology


Techniques of archaeology

Finds on the dig at Sappington House


Artifacts from field, to washing station, to display case




For you high school students who are interested in enrolling in the program, please see the registration form.

For adults and kids Kindergarten to Middle School, please come visit the dig at Sappington House and join in the archaeological activities area. See the visiting schedule listed on the web page for the dig at Sappington House.

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