The Sappington-Concord Historical Society is more than just events. Some of the work of bringing history to mind for members and the public involves more on-going and deeper efforts. One of these programs is presenting displays of SCHS archival items and members’ collections for the public to see. Another program that we tired but is not new active, is reading about history or historical fiction and discussing it together. There are more programs listed below.

See Meet-at-the-Site tours to once each quarter or season, pick a destination to see an historic site, set a dat and time to meet and then to get ourselves there as a group.

See Archival Displays to learn more about SCHS displays and SCHS member collections that have been presented over the past several years.

See SCHS at Friendship Village Sunset Hills. Many SCHS members live at Friendship Village Sunset Hills. Some can not drive at night or drive at all. So SCHS goes to see them every now and then to bring an interesting presentation.

See Book Reading to learn more about our current reading selection and how you can get involved.

See Family Roots to learn more about the ways of doing research with a focus on family history.

See History and Me for members to share what they are doing with history themselves, and to share their stories with others.

See Kids and history to inspire and encourage kids to know their family history, local history and history of our country and beyond.

See page about the Cakeway Cupcake prize to recognize the Caleways to the West and the 250th anniversary of the founding of St. Louis, MO in 2014.

Events sponsored by SCHS are listed in the Events area of this website, but here is a simple list of them:

  • The annual Memorial Day service
  • Four quarterly general meetings each year with a short business meeting and then a presentation
  • Two daytime presenations each year
  • SCHS at Friendship Village Sunset Hills, a presentation, usually once a month


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