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Honoring veterans has long been an important part of the SCHS. Two years after the founding of the SCHS in 1992, the Society had its first Memorial Day ceremony and it has been an annual event ever since. The Memorial Day ceremony is SCHS’s biggest event of the year. It has the largest attendance and is the most important community event SCHS hosts.

In 1995, SCHS and the Concord Village Lions Club rebuilt the wooden World War II Honor Roll in Sappington-Concord Memorial Park which had become dilapidated. The wooden monument was replaced by the present Missouri red granite monument.

In 2003, the SCHS brought into print a second major publication, Hometown Heroes, featuring the stories of 140 local veterans.

SCHS joined forces with the Cooperating School Districts of St Louis to produce a video featuring interviews with WWII veterans. The success of the first video of European theater veterans led to the production of the second video with Pacific theater veterans.

In 2013, SCHS participated in the bringing to St Louis of the AVTT Vietnam Traveling Wall. The project was initiated by the Sunset Hills Historical Society which then became a community-wide event. SCHS was one of a number of organizations working together on the project.

In 2015, SCHS first held its Memorial Day ceremony at a location other than Memorial Park. It moved up the hill from Memorial Park to the green at St. Lucas UCC church. For the occasion, it produced a wooden replica of the WWII Honor Roll. Holding the ceremony on the green at St Lucas was quieter, safer and more convenient than at Memorial Park. Having the replica of the WWI Honor Roll on the green at St Lucas made the ceremony seem just as it always had in Memorial Park. The original monument remains in Memorial Park. The replica disappears until it is needed again.

The SCHS has two standing committees relating to veterans. One is the Memorial Day committee which plans the annual Memorial Day ceremony. The second is the Veterans committee which distributes copies of our Hometown Heroes book to other local organizations, participates in veterans projects in the area and has sponsored several veterans-related displays at St Louis County libraries. The committee also sponsors a small Veterans Day ceremony and wreath laying in Sappington-Concord Memorial Park at the WWII Honor Roll monument.

Sappington-Concord Memorial Park

Springtime view of Sappington-Concord Memorial Park, looking towards the World War II Honor Roll monument. Johnny’s Market has been replaced by the Lindbergh Schools administrative offices.



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