Youth Education Programs at Sappington House

Historic Sappington House constantly works toward its mission of preservation and education. It takes very seriously the education of youth.

The archaeological dig at Sappington house is one of the largest and most complex programs for youth. It’s a four year program which started in 2016.

The Sappington house has served the students of the Lindbergh Schools for many years. There have been a number of programs for various ages of students from kindergarten to 12th grade. The Lindbergh school closest to the Sappington house is Crestwood Elementary School on Sappington Road across the street from Sappington House. Fourth graders can easily visit the house for a tour and activities. One of our board members, Ray Hoffstetter, portrays John Sappington to the fourth graders at Crestwood Elementary School.

The “Spirits of Sappington House” program started in 2016. Students from the Lindbergh and Webster Groves school districts have volunteered in serving roles for the event as well performing roles as costumed actors in the event.

For the 50th anniversary celebration of the restoration of Sappington House in 1966, high school students again performed in costume.  In the fall of 2018 costumed high school students portrayed characters in the skits put on for the Holiday Tour by Historic St. Louis.

The Sappington house mouse naming contest is a program currently underway.

Webster University film program students in 2018 created five video presentations of 19th century characters in period dress performing common everyday activities. The videos were projected onto the windows of the house and were reviewed each evening by visitors in the front yard.

There is a Girl Scout merit badge program in the planning stages which will be held twice in 2019.

A traveling trunk program is ready to hit the road. It will visit students or other youth groups to put on programs relating to Sappington family history.

Another upcoming program is for youth docents. Over the years, Girl Scout troops have trained as docents in the house. The new program will be geared to parent-child pairs. The parent and child together will be able to conduct tours through the house. Program will also feature friend pairing where two friends will conduct tours together.

Sappington House hosts students who need service hours. How Among the various duties are gardening work and serving at the annual Sappington House trivia contest. Service hours are also accumulated for the acting programs such as, “Spirits of Sappington House” and the Historic St. Louis site tour.

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