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SCHS and the Sappington-Concord Community

The SCHS is about the people and the institutions of the Sappington-Concord area. The following is a partial list of institutions and organizations in the area that SCHS touches or works with in some way.

The Lindbergh Schools were instrumental in starting the SCHS, many SCHS events are held on the high school campus, and the district avails administrative support. The SCHS provides to the district, for both the residents and the students, its educational resources and facilities.

The Concord Village Lions Club provided funding for the World War II Honor Roll monument in Memorial Park and is a regular supporter of SCHS..

The St. Louis County Library system works with SCHS on co-hosting presentations, meeting space, research facilities and display cases for sharing collections from the SCHS archives, especially the two branches, Grant’s View and Oak Bend. Click here to see suggestions on writing a message of congratulations to Grant’s View library on its grand opening.

Friendship Village South jointly hosts the SCHS at Friendship Village program of presentations and other activities for residents and the public.

Boy Scout Troop 646 at Saint Catherine Laboure church does the hands on maintenance of Sappington-Concord Memorial Park and participates in the annual SCHS Memorial Day ceremony.

The Thomas Sappington House is a restored house, open to the public as a museum. Along with the house, on the grounds are also a research library, gift shop and restaurant, The Barn at Crestwood.

Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site provides excellent speakers on Civil War and 19th century topics and of course has fine exhibits relating to our local history at its White Haven site. Besides the exhibits, they provide interpretive tours through the Dent/Grant home and museum. They conduct research and provide a steady stream of programming, all available right in the Sappington-Concord area, to the local residents as well as to visitors from around the US and the world.

Missouri History Museum, a premier research and interpretive facility in St. Louis, provides excellent speakers on a wide range of topics and fine exhibits relating to our local history.

Sunset Hills Historical Society, started the Show-Me Hero Salute non-profit organization to bring the AVTT Vietnam Traveling Wall to St. Louis in June 2013. A number of SCHS members and SCHS board members were active in the organization of the event. SCHS contributed funds for the event as did both SCHS members and board members. Many SCHS members attended this large and important event for the SCHS community and the whole St. Louis area. See more about the event on the Sunset Hill Historical Society page.

St.Louis Regional Historical Societies is an loose organization of local historical societies in St. Louis and St. Louis County, Missouri that meet twice a year to share information.

The South County Times features stories relating to history in the South County area on a regular basis as well as publicizing local historical events and programs.

US Grant Trail plots the routes of US Grant’s military campaigns through the Sappington-Concord area, through Missouri and the rest of the Midwest.

Father Dickson Cemetery active in preserving this early African-American cemetery in St Louis, Missouri located in Crestwood on Sappington Road, just north of the Sappington House. Go to the Father Dickson web site to learn more at: Father Dickson Cemetery

St Lucas UCC and St Johns Evangelical UCC churches for providing venues for SCHS events and programs.

John Sappington Chapter NSDAR – Affton, Missouri maintains the John Sappington cemetery on Watson Road in Crestwood.

Jefferson Barracks Historic Site, part of St. Louis County Parks, features several museums related to the military history of this mid-west region.


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