The Dig in Photos

The photos on this page

The photos shown below are from the dig at Sappington House, years 2016 t0 2018. They aim to show the students themselves at work learning about the basics of archaeology, the students working with the professional archaeologists, kids Kindergarten to middle school visiting the kids archaeological activities area, student fun on the dig, some of the finds and artifacts found, techniques and tools used.

High school students at work on the archaeological dig at Sappington House

The professional archaeologists working with the students

Kids visiting the kids activity area and observing the dig

Friends and fun on the dig

Finds and artifacts on the dig at Sappington House

Techniques of archaeology on the dig

Tools of archaeology on the dig

For you high school students who are interested in enrolling in the program, please see the contact information.

For adults and kids Kindergarten to Middle School, please come visit the dig at Sappington House and join in the archaeological activities area. See the visiting schedule on web page for the dig at Sappington House.

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