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April 27,2022, Wednesday, at 7:00 pm, in person meeting
During the past two years the pandemic caused Sappington-Concord Historical Society (SCHS) to change to Zoom for its quarterly programs. At this time we’re happy to announce that the April quarterly meeting is in person once again!
The Society’s quarterly meeting is Wednesday, April 27, at 7:00 pm in the cafeteria at Lindbergh High School, 5000 S. Lindbergh Blvd. The cafeteria has lots of space and everyone will be able to spread out.  Doors open at 6:30 p.m.  Following a brief business meeting at 7 p.m., Esley Hamilton will present “A History of St. Louis County Parks.” While the City of St. Louis set aside Lafayette Park in 1836, St. Louis County didn’t organize a parks department until after 1950. Over 70 parks covering more than 12,000 acres comprise the park system today. Esley worked for County Parks for forty years and will present this history, including some sites you may not know.
Directions to Lindbergh High School cafeteria:
Turn onto the campus at the electric signal at Lindbergh Blvd. & Roxanna Drive; at guard station turn right and follow the drive around the library (the round building) to the bottom of the sloping drive. Turn left into the large parking lot and park near the building straight ahead. Enter the set of doors and the cafeteria is to your right.
Join us for an exciting night. Guests are welcome.

See events page for details on joining the meeting

Due to the actions being taken to help limit the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, please verify that meeting will take place by visiting this website prior to the meeting. 

The Sappington-Concord Historical Society…

  • Focuses on the history of the Sappington-Concord area and surrounding areas in South St. Louis County, part of the St.Louis, Missouri metropolitan region, in the USA.
  • Covers the two areas of South St. Louis County, Sappington and Concord, which occupy the central area served by the local school district, the Lindbergh Schools. The Sappington-Concord Historical Society was founded in 1992 out of an initiative of the then Superintendent of Lindbergh Schools, Dr. Jim Sandfort.
  • Is a non-profit organization funded by membership subscriptions and donations by members. It is apolitical and non-sectarian.

The Sappington-Concord Historical Society…

  • Often referred to as the Society or SCHS, is a membership-focused organization. It was not focused on a building or museum until 2017 when it was bequested a house and farm. The SCHS focuses on serving its members and the community. The membership is largely composed of people in the Sappington-Concord area, or who have some connection to the area, but the Society welcomes anyone with an interest in the Sappington-Concord area or history in general to become a member and join in the activities and programs sponsored by the Society. See the Joining page to learn more.
  • Focuses on activities for its members and the general public, sponsoring presentations on history at its membership meetings. The Society also sponsors tours, and has an annual Memorial Day ceremony. To learn more about SCHS activities and programs, go to the Events page.
  • Meets in various public spaces, since it does not have a facility of its own. Most meetings and events are at Sperreng Middle School or a local church.

The Sappington-Concord Historical Society…

  • Publishes a quarterly newsletter for its members, has a book on the Sappington-Concord area, Sappington-Concord; A History, is available in St. Louis County libraries and for purchase. It has a book on local veterans, HomeTown Heroes, which is available for purchase at the administrative offices of the Lindbergh Schools.
  • Has a small archive which is the source of temporary displays that are presented at various times and places throughout the area. It consists of photos, documents and other memorabilia. Items were contributed by area citizens and the Society continues to accept further contributions at any time.
  • Works with various institutions and organizations in the area including schools, churches, Boy Scout troops, libraries, retirement facilities, local municipalities and civic organizations. See more info.
  • Is proud of its 25 plus years of service to the people of the Sappington-Concord area and beyond.

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To learn more about SCHS, see About Us. Topics include:

  • Mission statement
  • Membership and joining
  • Governance
  • Board member listing
  • The Sappington-Concord area
  • SCHS history
  • Website
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Sappington-Concord Historical Society has a lot to offer, right now and into the future! Please tell your friends,  family and neighbors about SCHS and to come visit this website at schs.ws to get all the latest information.

Tell them also that we are on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/SappingtonConcordHistoricalSociety
We look forward to seeing you all at both places, and of course in person at some of our events and programs!


The dinner bell and the plow, symbols of the SCHS rural and agricultural heritage.



Sappington-Concord Historical Society…

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