Directions to St. Lucas UCC

St. Lucas UCC is often the meeting place for SCHS bus tours and for Meet-at-the-Site tours which are held 4 times a year. Some people drive themselves to the tour site for Meet-at-the-Site tours and some people meet at St. Lucas to share rides among themselves.

St Lucas UCC church

St Lucas UCC church

At St. Lucas there are several parking lots. The usual SCHS meeting point is on the biggest parking lot, the one on the east side of the church. East is the direction toward the former Johnny’s Market. At the front of that east parking lot, nearest the church buildings, are the air conditioners and recycling dumpsters. SCHS tries to meet at the back of the east parking lot where there are fewer cars, away from the main St. Lucas parking area.

The address is:

11735 Denny Road
St. Louis, Missouri  USA 63126


Arial view of St Lucas UCC

Arial view of St Lucas UCC showing usual meeting place for SCHS tours.

Google map to St. Lucas UCC church. 

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