Fundraising Event Schedule

Show-Me Hero Salute has had three fundraising events to support the effort to bring the AVTT Traveling Wall to St. Louis June 12-16.

May 16 Show-Me Hero Salute Luncheon at Sunset Country Club, May 16 at noon.  To learn more, see the Luncheon page. See also Press Release.

Fundraiser at Sam’s Club in Crestwood on Friday, April 12, 2013. Took donations for the Show-Me Hero Salute in exchange for an American flag thank you gift.
From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Located at 10248 Big Bend, Crestwood, MO 63122.

One fundraiser was held at Crestwood Shop and Save in March.

Honoring. Respecting. Remembering.

Show-Me Hero Salute invites you to join in this special event,

June 12-16, 2013.

Escort starts at 3:00 pm, Wednesday, June 12.

Viewing starts at 1:00 pm, Thursday, June 13, ends at 3:00 pm, Sunday, June 16.

AVTT Traveling Wall display and programs both are at Lindbergh High School

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