Early Airline Industry by Ken Velten



“Air Travel, from Biplanes to Passenger Airliners” by Ken Velten

The Wright Brothers first showed the possibility of powered flight in aircraft carrying people in 1903 but the airline industry developed slowly until the 1930’s. There are great stories about the industry transitioned from fabric covered biplanes to metal 4 engine airliners capable of crossing the oceans. This lecture will cover the airplanes, the men and the airlines that created the airline industry. The development of airlines like TWA, American, Pan Am Eastern and United will be shown. Airplanes like the Curtis Condor, the DC3, the Pan Am Clippers and the DC 6/7 and the Constellation will be discussed. And the pioneers like CR Smith, Juan Trippe, Eddie Rickenbacker and Howard Hughes will be covered. The time period will be from the 1920’s to the beginning of the jet age in the 1050’s including the role of the airlines in WW2.

Ken Velten
Retired from Boeing after 34 years in Finance, Planning, Strategic Planning and Program Management.
Adjunct Faculty, St. Louis Community College
Not for Profit activities include Habitat for Humanity (Project Manager and Treasurer)
Long Beach City College Foundation (President and Treasurer)

This presentation is part of the monthly 2018 history speaker series sponsored by SCHS at Friendship Village South in Sunset Hills.

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