Revolutionary War Surgeon – July 25 2018

Meet the Colonial Barber-Surgeon Wednesday July 25Meet the Barber-Surgeon,
Joseph La Bolle

Meet and interact with Joseph La Bolle’ ….. French Barber-Surgeon living in 1758 in the village of Kaskaskia during the French and Indian War. He then moved to St Louis prior to the Revolutionary War around 1765.

He was commissioned by the King of France to provide medical aid to French soldiers at Fort de Chartres and the civilians living nearby.

Included in this portrayal are authentic medical and surgical instruments
along with various instruments that were used to begin …bloodletting,
purging, and blistering along with other common medical practices of the

Joseph La Bolle will try to give a second presentation at a future date on dental procedures and tools to locate and remove those “bad” teeth with the least pain and discomfort. He will cover medicine at that time.

All who attend will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in a hearty discussion and look over these tools from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Note that this presentation is not appropriate for children under fourth grade or people queasy at the sight or thought of blood.

Votre Humble et De’vone’ Serviteur – “Your Humble and Devoted Servant”
Mr John Murphy

Learn more about John Murphy, see his web site

John Murphy has presented to various groups from older school children to adult audiences and medical professionals at venues ranging from churches and historical societies to historic sites and universities.

Date, time and location

July 25, 2018, Wednesday night
Doors open at 6:30 pm, meet the speaker, John Murphy, and see other displays and attractions
Brief business meeting at 7:00
Refreshments at 7:20
Presentation – 60 minutes including question time
Presentation finishes at about 8:40

St Lucas UCC church 11735 Denny Road St. Louis, Missouri USA 63126

St Lucas UCC church
11735 Denny Road
St. Louis, Missouri USA 63126

See directions to St Lucas UCC church
11735 Denny Road
St. Louis, MissouriĀ  USA 63126
Handicap accessible.
Parking in street or in convenient parking lot





Other attractions for the evening, 6:30 to 7:00 and during refreshment time

The Germanic Genealogical Society of St Louis – see web site

Charlie Klipsch and Mount Pleasant Pigeon Club brought the Doves of Peace to the SCHS Annual Memorial Day ceremony. With the American Racing Pigeon Union the group presents information about its pigeon raising and racing program for veterans.

Teresa Moore plays the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer

The Barber-Surgeon, Joseph La Bolle

French Barber-Surgeon Joseph La Bolle,’ portrayed by John Murphy, showing his instruments to visitors at “Spirits of Sappington House” event in October, 2017. He brings his blood-stained table covering to set off the ominous looking instruments.

The equipment is an important part of John Murphy’s presentation. It is an impressive collection that took many years for him to assemble.


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