Nite of Lights, Give and Glow photos

Sappington House Nite of Lights, Give and Glow – December 6, 2015
There were many sites to see, and activities to participate in as visitors enjoyed the festive atmosphere of the evening. The photos below show some of them, but there are no photos of the evening’s opening patriotic ceremony, the opening event of the evening.

Visiting Santa in the Barn restaurant at Sappington House.

620th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion and vehicles

Photo on left: Visitors to the Sappington House visit with Sally H. Cakouros, on the right, Sappington House resident manager. Photo on right: The Sappington House Museum gift shop

Photo on left: Luminaries on the Grant Trail lead visitors in the dark. Photos center and right: Luminaries being prepared for placement on the trail

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